is an online gift shop with over a 1500 personal gifts. The module provides an easy way to import, personalise and sell these gifts in your Magento webshop. Using our photo editor the visitors of your webshop can create unique gifts, personalized with their own name, text, logo or photo. Once an order has been placed it will be send to YourSurprise for production and fulfilment.

The module has a number of features that makes it easy for you to integrate it in your webshop.

A unique selection of gifts

Together with an account manager of YourSurprise you select the perfect gifts for your webshop. A unique account is created for you that is not only used for placing orders, but also to provide your webshop with a unique selection of gifts.



Automatically import product information and pictures

Once you have installed the module and set-up your account (read more about configuring) the module will automatically create products in your webshop for the selected gifts. The module will import price information, product specifications and images. The imported products are disabled by default, so you can add your own product descriptions or i.e. change the images.


Easy selling

The 'Order' button on the product page of a YourSurprise gift in your webshop will be replaced by a 'Personalise' button. This button will open our photo editor. Using our photo editor the visitors of your webshop can create unique gifts, personalised with their own name, text, logo or photo and place it in their shopping basket. After payment, an order is placed with us automatically and delivered to the customer.



Status updates in your shop

To make sure that you have up-to-date information about the orders that were placed by YourSurprise the module will update the order status automatically. After a gift have been send to the customer the module will create a shipment for you.


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