The module can be configured from within the Magento System Configuration. Go to the System -> Configuration menu. You will find a YourSurprise tab where you can configure all the settings for the YourSurprise module. The configuration of the module has several sections:

General Settings

The settings in this section will affect the complete module.

EnableThis setting will enable of disable the complete module. Disabling the module will not delete any date, but will stop all processes to import products and export orders to YourSurprise.


Set Account section will hold all the information to connect to YourSurprise. These account settings will by send to you by your YourSurprise account manager. 

Partner IDThe partner ID, under which you are known to YourSurprise.
Partner KeyThe unique partner key.
UsernameThe username given by the account manager of YourSurprise.
PasswordThe supplied password.

Product import options

Options for importing the YourSurprise products into your Magento e-commerce platform. 

Update nowWith this button you can force an update of the products. Please note that pressing this button will do a complete product import, which might take a long time, or freeze your browser.
Automatically updateThis option is enabled by default and will trigger the import product process automatically. When this option is disabled it will not update or create any new products from YourSurprise.
Automatically overwriteThis option is enabled by default and will update the imported products. When you disable this option it will leave all the fields untouched during an import except the default price and the cost price field. Also tax class and the customize allow attribute (see below) will be set.
Product statusThe default status when a product is created. By default the product will be disabled.
Tax classThe default tax class to use for new products.
Attribute SetThe default attribute set tot use for new products. When the module is installed it will create a new attribute set "YourSurprise" automatically and sets this as a default.
Cost price attributeThe Magento product attribute to import the cost price. The cost price is the price you will pay YourSurprise for the product when ordered.

Editor settings

The settings in this section will effect the editor which YourSurprise uses to customize the products.

Customize allow attributeThe Magento attribute to use for determining if the product is customizable.
Unique ID value optionThe custom option to use for storing the unique YourSurprise ID so we can track the order.

Order export settings

The order export settings will change the behavior of the order export process. 

Order statusWhen an order reaches the status specified by this option it will trigger the order export process to YourSurprise. When an order has products from YourSurprise it will send the order to YourSurprise for production and fulfillment.

Screen with the settings of the YourSurprise module. 

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