Release notes provide information on the features and improvements in each release. This page includes a list of release notes for major releases and minor releases.


  • When selecting a pickup location, the sidebar is also updated for guest accounts.
  • The PostNL shipping methods now respect cart price rules (ex. free shipping).


  • When selecting a pickup method, the pickup location is now shown in the checkout sidebar.


  • Automatic shipment/label creation now only happens in backend due to Magento needing a valid admin session.
  • The delivery date is now also properly stored when delayed delivery is disabled.


  • Clean up various dependencies and fix several issues discovered using phpstan (PHP Static Analyzer).


  • Undo confusing default for hiding payment methods.


  • In addition to the fix in 1.3.3, we now also remove the delivery location from the database when it is no longer used.


  • Switching between steps in checkout - such as going back and selecting another shipping method, will no longer cause delivery location data to persists between shipping methods.


  • An option was added to only show COD (Cash on Delivery) payment method when the COD shipping method is selected. When another shipping method is selected the COD payment method will be hidden.


  • When creating labels for shipments that use Extra Cover (verhoogde aansprakelijkheid), the insurance amount (grand total) is properly reported.
  • When creating labels for Cash on Delivery shipments (rembours), the IBAN number and package value (grand total) are properly reported.


  • Various changes were made in how delivery locations are represented to both the end-user as well as administrators. Instead of using a custom block, a custom address renderer is used that is used in the appropriate locations.


  • Delivery location was erroneously missing from SOAP. It should now be equivalent to REST calls.


  • The delivery location has now also been added to salesOrderRepository getList calls.


  • Translate several untranslated strings in the checkout.
  • Allow backend users to manually update shipment statuses directly from the shipment view page.


When an order is placed while selecting a pickup location, this location is now shown in the following places:

  • Order view page in the backend
  • Order view page in the frontend
  • Shipment view page in the backend
  • Track & Trace e-mail sent to the customer.

Improvements to the location picker:

  • Better postal code validation.
  • When selecting a different shipping method and returning to the locationpicker, the map is properly loaded.

Finally, the delivery location has been added to the salesOrderRepository API as part of extension attributes.


Initial public version of the module. Ships with the following features:

  • Generate barcodes.
  • Generate shipping labels.
  • Estimate delivery date.
  • Choose a later delivery date.
  • Set a pickup location.
  • Create multi-collo shipments.
  • Create letterbox parcels (brievenbuspakje).
  • Automatically create shipments and/or labels.
  • Mass creation of shipping labels.
  • Sends track and trace codes to customers.
  • Morning/evening shipments.
  • European shipments (EUPack).
  • Retrieve and display status for shipments.
  • No labels