The process on the packingstation screen contains the folowing steps:

  1. Scan the barcode on the packinslip
    1. If the barcode can't be scanned, you can manually type "PKBN+shipping number" like: "PKBN000000038"
    2. If the packinslip is already scanned there will be a message displayed to inform you about it.
    3. If the order has a status that may not be shipped, there will be a message desplayed to inform you about it.
  2. If enabled, define the colli amount, default amount is 1 and this step can be skipped if you only need 1 colli
  3. Scan every single product that you wan't to ship, so if you have the same product 5 times, you need to scan the 5 individual products.
    1. After scanning a product you can see it in the list with scanned products they can have different colors
      1. Green: This product is correct and the right quantity is scanned
      2. Orange: This product is correct but scanned in the wrong quantity
      3. Red: This product doesn't exist in this order
    2. If the wrong product is scanned or the quantity isn't correct, you can delete the product with the remove button.
  4. After scanning all the product in the right quantity, the label will be printed automatically and the next packingslip can be scanned

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