General options

EmailSet the email for the printer, packingslips will be sent to this email
Sender nameSet the sender name
Sender email addressSet the sender email
Sender contact addressSet the contact information, this will be displayed on the packingslip
Printing optionManual or Automatic. If manual is enabled, you can print the packingslips manual in the Cream Shipments screen
Print {X} shipmentsIf manual printing is enabled, you can set the printing threshold value
Choose the order statuses for creating shipmentsDefine for which orders a shipment should be created
Choose the order statuses for generating the barcodeDefine for which orders, packinslips should not be printed
Scan and generate packingslip barcode afterDefine if you want to use the packinslipnumber or the ordernumber for scanning the packingslip
Started atSelect the date when you will start using the fulfillment module, only orders after this date will be processed trough the fulfillment module.

Product Settings

Product attribute 1The first unique product attribute to look for when a product is scanned
Product attribute 2 (Optional)The alternative unique product attribute to look for when a product is scanned

Advanced Options

Email templateDefine the template used for the packingslip mail, default: cream_fulfillment_packingslip_template
Email items templateDefine the template used for the products in the packingslip mail, default: Cream_Fulfillment::email/items.phtml
Hide ship buttonHide the ship button in the order detail screen.
Hide the `Add` product buttonHide the add product button on the packing station page for specific users. Products can only be added by scanning the product when you hide the button.
Enable order shipping addressDefine if you wan't to add the shipping address on the packingslip

Multi Colli

EnabledAllow the use of multi colli on the Packing Station

MSI compatibility

EnabledDefine if you want to use MSI
Stock source (website level)Define the source used for the stock if MSI is enabled
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