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Support for the Copernica integration for Magento 1 will stop after November 1st 2018. After this date users will not be able to submit any support tickets for this module and the software is being deprecated.

Use this Installation Guide if you are installing the integration for the first time. If you are upgrading from a previous version, please refer to the Upgrade Guide.

 The installation of the Copernica Marketingsoftware module is very easy. You can use Magento Connect to install this module. Follow the steps bellow to install the module in your Magento webshop:

  1. Go to our module page on Magento Connect, login, get the extension key from Magento Connect for Magento Connect.
  2. Login into the backend part of your Magento webshop and go to System > Magento Connect Manager.
  3. You may need to login again with your Administrator credentials of your Magento Webshop.
  4. Copy the extension key from part 1 of this installation guide and paste it into the field bellow the "Install New Extensions" part of the screen and click the Install button.

Magento will install the whole module for you. When the installation is complete you will see a new menu option in the backend configuration screen called Copernica.

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